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Christina G 


When the sound of a Brazilian bassist blends with the sound of two Balkan voices. "Epiklisis" is a new formed trio, that aims to create the soulful spirit of Balkan music combined with Jazz harmony and improvisation. Performing Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek songs in their native language, and the original composition "Epiklisis".

EpiklisisChristina G Papadopoulou
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"Classical        Infusion"

Welcome to a project-musical journey into Christina's roots and influences!

Breaking cultural boundaries by bringing together audiences from different cultural background, music taste or lifestyle preferences are some of this project's intentions.

Four concerts, four destinations, starting in November 2022 with Jazz music at Cafe de Zolder, followed by Balkan music at Der Aa-Theater in March 2023, Classical at the Synagogue in April  and the final concert in May 20th at the Drie Gezusters that will combine all these sounds together through her original compositions and arrangements! 

This project is realised and supported by the Provincie Groningen.





final concert

Classical Infusion

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