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Piano, vocals & theory

Throughout my life I’ve been taking music lessons from different teachers that taught me their way of how to approach and express music. 

In the lessons our main focus would be to reach technically and musically the requirements for the upcoming exam, audition, concert etc. 

During all those years of studying, a feeling of worry and dissatisfaction was growing inside of me. I was asking myself; 

“When is it going to be good enough?” 

“Why am I still scared when playing music?” 

”What am I doing wrong?” 


I was very happy and lucky, when among those teachers, I found mentors that guided me through the process of finding answers and reminded me how beautiful and fun music can be! :)

Their philosophy of teaching changed my whole perspective of learning, but maybe most importantly, of how I identified myself! 

Music, as every art form, is an expression of ideas; 

Ideas, uncomparable, that come from the unique way you experience the world at your own unique rhythm :)

Lesson Prices

(Most prices are excl. VAT)*

Private lessons

45 min. Piano or Vocals

Adults: €35,-

Students: €25,-

45 min. Music Theory

Humans: €30,-


40 min. piano/vocal

20 min. music theory

Adults: €35,-

Students: €25,-

Offer for kids!

30 min lesson: €20,-


Illustrated Musical Instruments
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